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From the Glenburn Guest Book

August 2014

The Glenburn experience was amazing. The hospitality of the staff, ambience of the place, outstanding quality and variety of food served! Truly wonderful.

August 2014

Watching the mist drift away from Kanchenjunga heights at 5am was a mystical, awe-inspiring experience. Thank you all for such wonderful, caring service.

August 2014

What a wonderful place, fabulous food, and impeccable service. A wonderful end to an amazing trip to India. We couldn't have asked for more. What monsoon?!

July 2014

Only once in a while when someone says 'sit back and relax' do they mean it. Glenburn pampers you like a fairytale.

July 2014

We loved it so much we had to return after few lovely days in Sikkim. Please write a cookbook so we can try to replicate the most delicious food imaginable at home, the tea, delicate china, cakes, tea leaf fritters, tea-smoked chicken, moms, sublime pickles and perfect salads. A heartfelt thank you to everyone. We will be back very soon.

June 2014

There is nothing more wonderful than having one's expectations fulfilled and surpassed.

April 2014

What an amazing spot! This will be a treasured part of our honeymoon memories. Everyone here made our time so special. Thank you!

March 2014

For peace and tranquility, rest and recuperation from the hectic travel of Indian cities, Glenburn is the place to be. My four day stay has been a special experience that will stay with me for a long time. The kitchen staff have been most helpful by providing me with gluten-free food.

February 2014

Simply without peer. 10/10.

December 2013

We've had an incredible time discovering the journey of tea. It's beautiful here and we loved our walks, swims and catching our first Mahseer! Thank you for making our stay so memorable. The food has also been outstanding!

October 2013

For a unique experience please give this 'Shangri-la' a place in your travel plans

June 2013

The best place to feel at home away from home... Wonderful people, excellent hospitality, incredibly food and a pleasant experience.

May 2013

Straight into our 'Top 5' places to stay, ever. A lovely relaxing place. We wish we were staying longer.

January 2013

Enjoying a tipple of tea in the clouds at Glenburn has by far been the highlight of my travels. My heart leaves full of joy for the himalayas and the first flush. Thank you to all for the most amazing time of our lives.

December 2012

Impossible to fault Glenburn on any aspect. Everyone is so welcoming and nothing is too much trouble. Unforgettable!

November 2012

There are few words to describe the absolute beauty of this place - not only because of the location but also because of the spirit of the Glenburn estate. We have been blessed to experience its charms.

June 2012

Glenburn was a scintillating experience. Everything from the generous hospitality to the Portuguese crockery, beautiful bed linen, picturesque beauty was totally amazing. The picnic at the riverside was the most memorable experience of our stay. Thank you so much!

Janurary 2012

My wife and I will never forget this peaceful, beautiful haven of calm and friendly people. The views were very nearly matched by the welcomes, the smiles, the food and the service. We had the most memorable of New Years thanks to some superb fellow guests.

October 2011

A wonderful spot, and thank you for your splendid hospitality - food, tour of the estate and fresh air. Thank you too for making the children so welcome.

May 2011

By far my best experience in India thus far. The most relaxing gentle, spiritual place to unwind the soul.

November 2010

Wow! We've only been able to come for one night but love it so much - we will be back. Thank you so much for creating a little piece of heaven on earth.

November 2010

A truly outstanding tea plantation and guest house with a service staff worth its weight in gold! Thank you for one of life's 'life time memories'.

October 2010

A true boutique experience and stay, something unique these days. Rooms ooze charm, food is a gastronomic delight and the hosts really made me feel at home. Thank you!

July 2010

Thank you for making our honeymoon so special and perfect. The Glenburn Experience is a class apart, especially dining together every evening. A big thank you to the warm staff. A personal note of thanks to the chef and kitchen staff for churning out the best meals we have ever had. Also to the house staff who we believe cleaned our room each time we stepped out. To the drivers and guides, thank you for helping us experience everything Glenburn has to offer. The Glenburn experience is etched in our memories.

December 2009

Thank you for the best Christmas Eve dinner of all time - hats, crackers, laughter, great food, plenty of wine, and amazing people! You have created a very special place and experience for your guests - thanks for the memories!

April 2009

It's difficult not to call this place 'paradise'. The location on top of the hill, the unique and lovely decorated rooms, the delicious food, the great community of guests we had brilliant talks with, and last but not least the comprehensive care of the kind staff will make us smile for a long while after our much to early departure.

March 2009

My husband Sean and myself spent four blissful nights at Glenburn starting last Friday and wanted to thank you once again for your kind hospitality throughout our visit. We have never felt so pampered in our lives!

Everything was just perfect and we must congratulate everyone on the level of service provided, quality of food, comfort of the rooms. Above all, the tea estate itself is one of the most beautiful places on the planet and it will always have a special place in our memories.

October 2008

I can't wait to get this as I can re-live my wonderful Glenburn experience while enjoying your tea. After almost 3 weeks "roughing it" in Bhutan and eastern India, Glenburn was heaven. (Setting, accommodations, food and mainly the hospitality of Mrs. Neena Pradhan.) It remains one of my favorite places in the world. Just thinking of it brings a smile to my face. It is almost tea time....

October 2008

....Anyway, my point in writing this was to tell you again what a truly delightful stay we had there. We have been fortunate to have travelled to many places in the world, and can say without qualification that Glenburn is the most exceptional place we've visited. What a great vantage point from which to view the Himalayas! Neena and her staff made our stay there very special -- we're not accustomed to being spoiled with so much attention. Also, the food was delicious (and the tea), our room was bright and spacious, the complimentary laundry was highly appreciated (particularly in view of the duration of our trip), and the scenery was absolutely breath-taking.

The hike down to the campsite by the river was a great way to see both the scenery and the tea bushes from a very close perspective. Passing a group of pickers along the way gave us an opportunity to see how it's done on a very steep slope. Kumar's tour of your factory and the tea tasting were really interesting -- we learned a lot. Darjeeling tea will always have a very special meaning for us (and bring back very special memories). As a matter of fact, it's what we're drinking right now as we sit here looking out the window at the Petronas towers.

Thanks again for all your help in setting up our visit. I'm glad we added the extra day!

May 2008

Had a wonderful time in Glenburn , the highlight of our holiday. Please extend our warmest thanks to Ms. Husna-Tara Prakash for the elegant handling of the booking issue. I believe we were the 1st visitors from Mauritius to set foot at Glenburn, but I am confident there will be more in the future as the account of our stay is being propagated around us ! And we will come again !

January 2008

I just wanted to say that our stay at Glenburn was absolutely fabulous. Thank you for all your help in arranging this. Neena could not have looked after us any better - she is a gem.

And you were quite right when you told me that two days is not enough. You may have heard already that my wife and I cancelled our plan to go on to Gangtok and we stayed an extra two nights at Glenburn.

We would love to come back and try the new rooms when they are ready. I hope you will keep me informed of their progress.

October 2007

I want to let you know how much we loved our stay at beautiful Glenburn. It was a magical place. We hope to return someday.

Give our thanks to Sanjay for the tours and delicious autumnal flush tea. Please give our warmest thanks to Neena Pradhan. She does the most amazing job of hosting guests - from the delicious food, conversation, itineraries, and service which anticipated all our needs and exceeded anything we have ever experienced.

March 2006

Let me say right away that Glenburn was fantastic in every way. No wonder it is such a highlight for everyone who visits. Let me just say that I have learned much about perfection. Everything is pitched just right. And I think that's the real secret to what you have achieved - nothing is over the top. And then there is the food and the effortless, low-key hosting by Nina and Sanjay's terrific enthusiasm, knowledge and sense of fun. Could have stayed a week and been sorry to leave.

November 2004

I just wish to say that it was fantastic visiting Glenburn and more so the warmth and hospitality that you and your family offered us. I don't think getting people to visit Glenburn is going to be a problem - but to sort the kind of people you wish to get there.

As I have mentioned before, I take my hat off to you and your family for doing what you have. At a time when Darjeeling is going down the hill in every respect, you have opened up the door again to make it a destination suitable for people with some taste.

October 2004

Words are not adequate to express the hospitality and the perfection. Not just my friends all the other guests who were there just could not find enough superlatives!!!!

Everything was just perfect including the view and the weather!!!

October 2003

What an ambience you have created here. How much pleasure and joy we have had here. A really special birthday celebration for me. Next time I plan to bring my family and another group of friends. Just don't let anything spoil it. It is rare in today's world to find such an island of tranquility and comfort. Priti has been wonderful to us - how well, and how caringly she took care of us, our needs, our questions and the food has been spectacularly good.

And - how much we have learned from Sanjay and Jeet Bahadur (however do you manage to get and keep such a great team together?!) Every cup of tea we now have will be treated with respect - because we know what goes into the making of it. Sanjay's energy and enthusiasm had us all wonderstruck. His world is this, and he made us a part of it. What a privilege!

Bronwyn's touch at Glenburn is perfect. A blend of old world charm and creature comforts - we were transported to another era and I was so reminded of my childhood when we travelled with my parents.

Thank you for giving us such a perfect holiday!

September 2003

A quick note to say how delighted my husband and I were with our stay at Glenburn. You have created a very special environment there. I have stayed in many beautiful places and resorts throughout Asia, and I can honestly say that yours is one of the most lovely, personal and memorable of these

May 2003

..I could find nothing which I would have wanted to be different from the decor to the food to the people to the landscape. Caddy and I were beautifully looked after by Avijit and Sanjay and I would have no hesitation in sending any of our Clients to Glenburn. I am amazed that with this, your first foray into tourism, you could have read the market so perfectly and come up with such an appropriate and beautifully balanced property. (I would like to clone you, Husna, and have a network of 'Glenburn flavour' lodges throughout India! - Each property being small, low impact and as beautifully run and in tune with its particular surroundings as Glenburn is).

April 2003

I feel as if I know you a little through General Singh, the Traveler article, and your video, but most of all through the incredible tea estate experience that you provided for us in absentia.

You have clearly pursued a unique vision with incredible dedication! You also have two real gems in Sanjay and Abhijeet. We loved their one-of-a-kind personalities and the delight they seem to take in their work. In corporate America, we call this "ownership" -- i.e. they personally "own" the satisfaction that comes from seeing things done right.

My friend Lilli and I enjoyed every bit of our stay at Glenburn, and were sorry to depart so soon. We would have loved a another day to potter about and read our books while watching the comings and goings of the real Glenburn denizens.

After seeing India change so much over the past 30 years, I did expect a fairly high standard. However, nothing could have prepared me for the incredible accommodations and cuisine you offer. We were in culinary heaven, and unlike most travelers to India, the only tummy trouble we had was from eating too much! It was impossible to stop!