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From the feedback of the visitors who have been to Glenburn, a minimum of four nights is recommended, as people like a day to relax and enjoy the Bungalow, a day to look at the Tea Estate, and at least a day down by the river at our Campsite. This fits into a 3 day- 4 night package, although the happiest guests have been the ones who have stayed at least a week!

Flights to Bagdogra tend to arrive at lunchtime, and so you will only get to us by the evening. Flights from Bagdogra leave at lunchtime so you will have to leave us straight after breakfast. So 2 nights will only give you only 1 full day at Glenburn. This is simply not enough, and guests are continually complaining to us that they were not advised properly regarding this.

To list our main activities in order of guest preference:
  • Tea Tour: Walk through tea fields, picnic lunch, factory tour, tea tasting
  • Walk down to the Glenburn Camp by the River Rungeet, swimming in the river, barbeque lunch followed by walk across suspension bridge into Sikkim
  • Day trip to Darjeeling
  • Hike up to Ramitay Daara
  • Hike down to No. 10 Bamboo Grove on the River Rung Dung
  • Paragliding, followed by half day trip to Kalimpong
  • Time to just relax!
  • Walking between Glenburn and Darjeeling Town
  • Welfare activities: spending time in our local village primary schools
  • ·An overnight stay at the Log Cabin at the Glenburn Camp
  • Full day hike along River Rung Dung
  • Various half day walks to Glenburn villages, up to orange orchard and convent

So as a rough guideline...

3 nights, for anyone who is already spending a night or two in Darjeeling Town itself. This allows a day for the Tea Tour and a day to visit the Camp by the river

4 nights, for anyone who would like to visit Darjeeling for the day from Glenburn, in addition to the Tea Tour and walk down to the Camp.

5 nights, for anyone who wants more relaxation time, a night down by the river, river rafting, or a day visit to Kalimpong.

5+ nights, for anyone wishing to spend more time walking around the area and the estate - or would simply like to be pampered "Glenburn Style" for a bit longer!