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Apart from assisting Neena up at the bungalow, Neilu also runs our Welfare Program and is actively involved in the local schools, the hospital and the Glenburn Kalakendra Academy (Society for Performing Arts).

We have a team of teaching volunteers who are funded by our Glenburn Workers' Welfare Trust to help out in the local government primary schools in the morning, and run Reading Libraries in the villages in the afternoons.

We also sponsor primary students to attend the privately run Cluny Sisters’ school up in Lamahatta, and some of them have now moved on to Green Shield Academy in Tukdah Cantt for their secondary schooling. This is thanks to the help of some of our guests who sponsor children through our Scholarship Program. Our focus is also to now remains to bring up the standard of the three government-run schools on the Estate, and guest contributions have already given one of the schools a new roof, windows and also the introduction of a Nursery and Kindergarten section, which is not part of the normal government-school curriculum. Since we started working with this school in Bhalukop village, the strength of the school has doubled, and the parents have agreed to provide crisp green and white uniforms for their children, while we provide the reading and writing materials. Our aim is to provide help where required but also to empower the families of these children with a sense of responsibility for their own education as well. We are now starting work at the Shikaridura Primary School, where the reading library was inaugurated by our guests in September 2008.and guest contributions have given it a set of bright new classrooms with much more light than before, as well as a lovely play area in front of the school.

Guests are welcome to join the morning School Assembly (8.45am), spend a morning with the children in the classrooms or help out at the after school library and craft sessions.

The Glenburn Kalakendra Academy was started by our Chairman and Patriarch, Mr Sudhir Prakash when he noticed the widespread talent and enthusiasm for singing, dancing and performing during our first Annual Glenburn Festival in 2004. Since then we have provided them with a permanent stage and rehearsal area, musical equipment and they also regularly perform for our guests up at the bungalow.

Contributions to the Trust are always very welcome.

This can be in the form of books for the library, medical supplies, teaching equipment, contributions towards volunteer salaries, and other monetary donations. There are also many children still in need of sponsorship.

To make a monetary donation please click here.

Your time is also hugely appreciated and the children and estate workers love the interaction!